Raw Vegan Wraps


Butter lettuce

Bell Peppers

Black Beans

Red Onion



Red Pepper Hummus



Wash off your desired amount of lettuce for your wraps.

Clean your bell peppers, cucumber, and apple. Cut the desired amount for your meal and store the rest. I just about half of each pepper, half an apple, and a quarter of the onion.

Drain and wash your beans.


Place your lettuce onto a large plate. Place them in a circle leaving a space in the middle.

Place your desired amount of beans into the crease of the lettuce.

Place your bell peppers, onions, and cucumber on top of the beans.

Place your desired amount of apples in the middle of your wraps

Place your desired amount of hummus on top of the apples

Squeeze your desired amount of lime juice onto your wraps



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